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The advantages of thermal separation of the machine bed and extraction table in flame cutting machines


Efficiency and precision play a decisive role in the world of flame cutting technology. The thermal separation of the machine bed and extraction table offers a number of advantages that not only improve the performance of the machine, but also have a positive impact on working conditions and the service life of the equipment.

Reduced heat transfer

The thermal separation between the machine bed and the extraction table minimizes heat transfer from the flame cutting machine to the table. This advantage leads to a lower thermal load on the table, which in turn creates a more stable working environment. By reducing temperature fluctuations, the precision of the cuts is improved as the material on the table expands or contracts less.

Extended service life of the equipment

By reducing the thermal load on the machine bed and the extraction table, the service life of the flame cutting machine is significantly extended. Heat can cause material fatigue and lead to premature wear of the machine components. Thermal separation helps to minimize these negative effects, reducing maintenance costs and increasing the reliability of the machine.

Improved occupational safety

Thermal separation not only contributes to machine performance, but also improves working conditions and safety. By reducing heat transfer, the surface temperature of the machine track is kept at a lower level. This significantly minimizes the risk of burns or uncomfortable working conditions for operators and maintenance personnel.

Increased precision and travel speed

As the thermal separation results in a stable temperature environment, flame cutting machines can be operated at higher speeds. The more precise cuts and reduced heat transfer enable an increase in productivity as the machine works more efficiently and reliably.


The thermal separation of the machine bed and extraction table has significant advantages - from improved precision and extended service life to increased work safety. They make this technology a worthwhile investment for companies that rely on advanced and efficient manufacturing processes.


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