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SATO GmbH - Systemlösungen für Schneidanlagen, Mönchengladbach


SATO offers filter technology solutions for all processes.










Filter technology

• The physically induced intrinsic upward motion of these special dusts is efficiently prevented by the downward flow within the filter installation. • An automatic compressed-air filter cleaning system is monitored by a control system of latest technology, and ensures maximum operating safety of the entire installation. • Niedrigste Druckverluste über das verwendete Filtermedium ermöglichen niedrigere Antriebsleistungen und geringe Druckluftkosten. • Owing to minimum pressure loss through the filter medium, less driving power is needed and compressed air costs are reduced.










• Remote control of the installation. • Filter installations available in ATEX 100 A design (explosion-proof). • Noise-insulated cleaning system. • Pressure compensating systems for dust containers. • Oil/water separator for compressed air