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SATO GmbH - Systemlösungen für Schneidanlagen, Mönchengladbach


SATO offers markers and center punches:

P-MK-1 Plasma-Marker

Plasma marking for the marking, notching and center-punching of drill positions, line marking of contours and characters. The depth and the width of the markings can be adjusted by the output current of pure marking current sources. All electrically conducting materials are excellently suited for this process.

N-MK-1 Pin-Marker

Pin markers with pneumatic fixing attachment: quick and clear marking for plate and single component marking in a matrix field with high-quality numbers, characters, and special characters. Quick and reliable marking.

I-MK-1 Inkjet-Marker

Inkjet markers for the quick marking of characters and numbers as well as of lines and contours without impact on the material surface.

Center punch-systems

HF-K-1 High-frequency center-punch

High-frequency center-punching for precise punch-marking of centering points for drilling, or line marking of contours and characters, also on unclean surfaces. The compressed-air hammer mill places the punch on the desired drilling point. The marking frequency and the marking depth can be varied and permit the CNC-controlled marking of dots, lines or characters.